Full day Perito Moreno Glacier

Full day excursion departing from Puerto Natales at 7 am and returning to the hotel around 10 pm.

After crossing the border posts at Cerro Castillo and Cancha Carrera, the route crosses the immensity of the Argentine Patagonian steppe towards the beautiful tourist town of El Calafate, about 270 km away from Puerto Natales.

During the tour you can see local wildlife species such as guanacos and ñandúes and also appreciate Lake Argentino and the Santa Cruz River on their way to the Atlantic Ocean.

The Perito Moreno glacier offers a spectacle of images and sounds, the light ice falls occur permanently, so it is very possible to witness this particular phenomenon of nature.

The uniqueness of the glacier lies not only in its 30 km long and easy access, but also in that it is one of the few that is advancing, while most of the world’s glaciers are receding.

The walkways, balconies and viewpoints installed in the national park allow the Perito Moreno to approach without danger even to elderly or physically disabled people.